Gila Bend Town Council Proclaims July “American Pride Month,” Hope Other Communities Follow Lead

A humorous, numerically outdated sign welcomes people to Gila Bend, Arizona. Photo by Karen Funk Blocher, December 2005. [Photo via Mavarin at en.wikipedia]

On Tuesday, the Gila Bend Town Council proclaimed July American Pride Month. Mayor Chris Riggs read the proclamation into the official record.

“I believe July is the best month for all of us to take pride in our great country,” Riggs told the ADI. “American exceptionalism has seen one of the greatest documents ever written our Constitution, it has seen advances in technology such as the airplane and securing the world for freedom against tyranny such as World War II. We as a united people can take great pride in the accomplishments of our great nation.”

The Gila Bend Town Council approved a proclamation declaring the month of July “American Pride Month.”

Mayor Riggs and his fellow Council members hope other cities and towns will consider following their lead and declare pride in the U.S.A.