Whistleblower: Military and Civilian Families At Risk from Unvetted Afghan Refugees – Rapes, Assaults, Crime Up

F-16 Vipers prepare for take-off at the end of the runway on Holloman Air Force Base, New Mexico. (U.S. Air Force photo by Senior Airman Quion Lowe)

A whistleblower has come forward with information indicating that both military and civilian families are being endangered by the torrent of unvetted Afghan refugees housed at military bases across the country. According to the whistleblower, briefings for current and forthcoming refugee camps detail an alarming surge in crimes including rape and assault. The whistleblower wasn’t privy to the details of these crimes, such as where or how often they occurred – let alone what the next base planned to house refugees will do to prevent these crimes.

The newest refugee camp will be located at Holloman Air Force base near Alamogordo, New Mexico – approximately an hour and a half from the border. The four other refugee camps are currently located at Fort Bliss (El Paso, New Mexico), Fort McCoy (Wisconsin), Fort Lee (Virginia), and Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst (New Jersey). According to the whistleblower, the Holloman camp is anticipated to take in anywhere from 5 to 10,000 refugees. Alamogordo’s population is around 32,000.

This information about a new refugee camp was revealed earlier this week, when ABC News informed the public from internal reports that Holloman Air Force Base was the next location to house refugees. Unknown to the public was the exact location and context of this forthcoming refugee camp – details of which are now being revealed by a whistleblower.

According to the whistleblower, the Holloman refugee camp won’t be distanced from the base – it will be on base. This may be problematic on multiple levels: not only due to the potential of crime spikes on base, as seen on all the other bases, but also due to the camp’s proximity to the Air Force’s flight line and test camp.

“We not only house fighter jets and drones, we also have the Air Force’s test track. This is where they test rockets and bombs, and they use those missile ranges to test out here,” said the whistleblower. “They’re putting these refugee camps right smack dab between the flight line and our test camp, and currently for right now, the report is that these people are just going to have free roam – they’re going to come on and off base, go downtown, and whatnot.”

In the context of the crime spike experienced by other bases, the whistleblower shared that they are “hoping and praying” that there’s a plan to secure the base and civilians. The whistleblower expressed worry about the on-base families and elementary school now made accessible to refugees. And, the whistleblower noted that there aren’t enough Air Force Security Forces in the state to handle the refugee influx. Security Forces are the ground combat force and military police service that provides security to the base.

“How much freedom will [the refugees] have? How much access to things will they have? I don’t know that yet – but it sounds very liberal at the moment. There are families that live on base, there’s an elementary school on base. All of our families live downtown. They say these people will be allowed to roam freely. It brings up a lot of questions and concerns about the safety of the base and our families,” said the whistleblower. “I don’t know what their plan is for security, I know there aren’t enough security forces in the state to handle something like this. At this point, we’re hoping and praying they have a plan for that.”

Holloman Air Force Base doesn’t have only the Afghan refugees to contend with – the base also has been on high alert due to the hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants pouring into the country due to the Biden Border Crisis. According to the whistleblower, the base experienced a breach several weeks ago by a vehicle suspect of smuggling illegal immigrants.

“Customs and border patrol were chasing after this suspect, and he made it all the way to our base in the middle of the night. He drove through the front gate, and luckily Security Forces was able to deploy the barrier and they crashed and stopped,” relayed the whistleblower.

In closing, the whistleblower revealed that much of their manpower has been redirected to building the refugee camp: their maintenance, civil engineering, and many others within facility personnel. All but emergencies come second to housing Afghan refugees.

“Anything that is not an emergency is not going to be responded to because they have 100 percent manpower focused on the [refugee] camp.”