Fauciism, Fascism, And Communism: Did The U.S. Government Fund Its Own Pearl Harbor?

Japanese forces attacked Pearl Harbor [Photo via NEH.gov]

“The Capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them.” (Vladimir I. Lenin)

On Sunday, we celebrated the 77th anniversary of D-Day, the largest and most dangerous amphibious assault in history, which led to the liberation of Western Europe from Nazi control.  Contrast the courage displayed by our youth in 1944 and the boldness of wartime leaders, such as Winston Churchill and Dwight Eisenhower, with today’s panic-stricken youth and our effete, feckless leaders, such as Boris Johnson and Joe Biden.  These leaders have instilled fear in our youth, while forcing them to comply with their “public health” police state regulations, as they seek to create a “risk-free” world devoid of human interaction, in-person education, and pleasurable activities.

The same countries (e.g., France) that suffered under Fascism in 1944 are now suffering under Fauciism, a toxic mix of unbridled enthusiasm for “non-pharmaceutical interventions” and expert-induced fear about “new variants.”  Older Americans may recall that this is not the first time that Dr. Fauci has been on the public stage.   During the AIDS crisis, he was the official spokesman for the twisted notion that “ordinary Americans are at risk of contracting AIDS.”  He leveraged that panic to lobby successfully before Congress for huge spending increases on AIDS research, in order to “save the lives of millions of Americans.”  It was during this period that he first became a national celebrity.

While D-Day marked the beginning of the end of World War II, it is timely and important to reflect on how America entered the conflict.  America entered the war one day after an unprovoked attack by the Japanese at Pearl Harbor.  Most historians believe that Pearl Harbor was caused by the U.S. oil embargo of Japan.  Tokyo needed oil to wage its war in China.  At the time, more than 80% of Japan’s oil came from the U.S.

In 2020, our nation was attacked by a virus that originated in China, a country that had suffered from the Trump administration’s import tariffs and export restrictions.  More specifically, it is becoming clearer every day that Trump was probably right about the virus having its origins at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, which was engaged in “gain-of-function” research. Some background information on this dangerous research is warranted.  In recent decades, scientists have developed ingenious methods of evolutionary acceleration and recombination.  Specifically, they’ have learned how to trick viruses, coronaviruses in particular, those spiky hairballs of protein we now know so well, into moving quickly from one species of animal to another or from one type of cell culture to another. Some of the experiments — “gain of function” experiments — aimed to create new, more virulent, or more infectious strains of diseases in an effort to predict and therefore defend against threats that might conceivably arise in nature.

These gain-of-function experiments were an important part of the NIH’s approach to vaccine development, and Anthony Fauci was reluctant to stop funding them.  In his Washington Post op-ed supporting this research, he and his co-authors claimed that such experiments were “a risk worth taking” and that “important information and insights can come from generating a potentially dangerous virus in the laboratory.” They wrote that the work can “help delineate the principles of virus transmission between species.” The work was safe because the viruses were stored in a high-security lab, they believed, and the work was necessary because nature was always coming up with new threats.”

An article in Nature in December 2017 warned that “The NIH will again fund research that makes viruses more dangerous.” Professor Marc Lipsitch of Harvard’s University’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health stated that gain-of-function experiments “have done almost nothing to improve our preparedness for pandemics, yet they risked creating an accidental pandemic.”

Over the weekend, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo revealed that the Wuhan Institute of Virology was also engaged in military activity.  We also know that our Department of Defense, through the Defense Threat Reduction Agency, has also indirectly funded the Wuhan Institute.  This raises the key question: Did the NIH and the DOD, and thus, the U.S. taxpayer, actually fund the pandemic? This would be equivalent to the U.S. government funding its own Pearl Harbor-style attack.

This also brings to mind Vladimir Lenin’s famous remark that capitalists sow the seeds of their own destruction. Was the censorship and discrediting of the lab-leak theory perpetrated in order to protect the guilty parties? Is this one of the largest cover-ups in American history?

These questions and many more related to the financial and scientific support of gain-of-function research in high-security labs throughout the world deserve a thorough investigation by an independent counsel. A good start would be a full forensic and criminal investigation of Dr. Fauci and his inner circle.

It is important to note that the emails that have been scrutinized in recent days, which contain many redactions, are only from his government email account.  We also need to see his personal emails and other correspondence.  His inner circle at the NIH and in the media and politics also need to be scrutinized in a similar way.  Dr. Fauci may turn out to be more than just a useful idiot for the Chinese Communist Party. Now that ideas which were previously censored and dismissed as lunatic conspiracies are turning out to be true, the time has come for a more sincere effort. First, follow the emails, then follow the money.

Donald S. Siegel, Foundation Professor of Public Policy and Management and Director, School of Public Affairs, Arizona State University (Donald.Siegel.1@asu.edu)

Robert M. Sauer, Professor of Economics, Royal Holloway, University of London (Robert.Sauer@rhul.ac.uk)