Cook Shoots Down Budget

Rep. David Cook

June 7, 2021 is a day that will live in Arizona economic infamy. It was the day that Rep. David Cook, LD8, single-handedly shot down HB2900, a very important tax reform bill.

Even though HB2900 is not technically part of the budget reconciliation process, it is a key component of the overall strategy to move Arizona’s economy forward after the government-induced, covid-related setbacks.

The democrats did what they do best, that is vote in lockstep against any bill that does not conform to their socialist ideas. HB2900, if enacted, would do away with some, not all, of the progressiveness of the Arizona tax code. We all know, or should know that a progressive income tax is a Communist idea first introduced by Karl Marx in his Communist Manifesto. In fact, the progressive income tax was the number two plank of his ten fundamental planks of a Communist society.

If left unattended, the Arizona economy is about to receive a large blow at the time when it will be trying to get out of the debacle created by pandemic related restrictions. That blow is in the form of the largest tax increase in Arizona history, created by the voter approval of Proposition 208.

The big box stores and the large multinational companies are doing just fine. Not only are they strong enough to absorb the beating, but actually benefit from the demise of the small, locally owned businesses.