Study finds poor diet is more harmful than the consumption of tobacco

The food you put on the plate for daily intake is more likely to decide your life span than any other factors. A study in Lancet says poor diet is the primary cause of deaths than any other reason all over the world. The study consists of 130 scientists and conducted across 40 countries. Intake of unhealthy food is deadlier than high blood pressure or intake of tobacco.

The food consumption habit of adults aged fewer than 25, in 195 countries are studied to find how the unhealthy diet is responsible for premature death. Statistically, About 22% of death is due to a poor diet in 2017 that accounts for 11 million people worldwide. Whereas the death due to high blood pressure was eight million and due to tobacco use is 10.4 million. Different diseases which are caused due to poor diet are diabetes, kidney diseases, diet-related cancer, and cardiovascular diseases.

Low intake of food containing whole grain that is less than 125 grams per day Excessive intake of sodium that is more than three grams a day and lowers consumption of vegetable fibers and fruits (less than 250 grams per day) are the constraints of poor diet. Those diets are held responsible for disability-adjusted life years (DALYs) of about 255 million people. Mainly poor diet is behind 16% of adult DALYs in all over the world. Three major factors are behind poor nutrition such as lower intake of whole grains, higher intake of sodium and lower intake of fruits. Individuals around the world lead a busy lifestyle and mostly dependent upon processed and packaged food which has higher sodium and sugar. Majorly adults and children are more likely to consume this prepared and unhealthy food around the world.

The risky dietary habits involve excess sugary drinks, red meats, high sodium food products, and processed food. Including these products in daily routine replaces the consumption of whole grains, fruits, and vegetables, seeds and nuts, other plant-based proteins. The increase in Tran’s fat food products is one of the leading causes of many harmful diseases in humans. The food products are available in the market containing whale grains are highly processed, and the percentage of whole grain in that food product is deficient. Instead, those foods have sugar, fat, and sodium. So people should check the ingredients before buying the food products from the market.

In a study in 2017, there are deaths due to diet-related cancer is over 900,000, due to cardiovascular diseases is 9.5 million, over 330,000 is due to diabetes, and 136,000 is from kidney diseases. The statistics show the number of deaths due to an unhealthy diet is way more than any other cause. Consuming a higher amount of unhealthy food and lower amount of healthy eating are a significant part of the current lifestyle, which leads to much premature death and deadly diseases. It is advised to the people to lead a healthy lifestyle by including healthy food in their daily routine.

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