Measles attack to the teen competing in the world hip hop competition

A teen from abroad happened to be in Phoenix to compete in the World Championship of hip hop dance. This was scheduled in the Arizona Grand Resort in August. According to the Arizona health services department and Maricopa County Department of Health, the girl might have also affected by other health hazards as well.

According to the health departments, the girl was in resort Arizona Grand on the 11th of August. She was also in the second terminal of the Phoenix Sky Harbor international airport. The health experts are now deeply digging into the details of the itinerary of the girl.

The public health department is completely involved in the gathering of information like those of the places where the girl has visited in Maricopa County. The nation has been dealing with measles. Measles is a disease that is highly contagious and can deeply affect individuals with just a touch. According to the health experts, the microbes causing measles can even stay in the room up to 2 hours after the infected person leaves the place or the room.

Measles can even get back to a just-recovered person is quite a faster pace. Not only just this, but measles can even spread by air through coughing, sneezing or even speaking to someone. Thus, it is important to keep a strict monitor on the health of the infected person even after the completion of 21 days.

The championship was held from 5th August to 10th August. Organizers got to know about a participants’ illness due to measles on the 23rd of August. Thus, the safety and security of the participants are given special importance. Thus, they are strictly aiming at not hearing off no such other cases.

High fever is the major symptoms of the disease. Other than that red, watery eyes, runny nose and such other things are determined as the symptoms of the disease. With a week, thee infected person would develop red rashes all over the body.

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