Health officials say that the measles-infected teens were exposed to visitors at lax, Disneyland and Santa Monica Pier


According to the health officials, a teen girl infected with measles happened to visit multiple tourism attraction in Southern California and some of which is the Santa Monica Pier, a resort of Disneyland and other places. She caused to affect many people with the disease.

The girl traveled from New Zealand. She was in Southern California. She has been traveling since the 11th of August. According to the statement presented by the Orange County Health Care Agency, she was there in Southern California from 11th of August of 15thth. She stayed at the desert palms Hotel.

On the 12th of August, the teen paid a visit to Disneyland and also to the California Adventure according to the news release. The complete details of the potential exposure have been put out by the Los Angeles County health department. The reports are based on the itinerary of the infected girl.  She was in the Los Angeles International Airport in the 8th terminal between 9:00 pm to 11:30 pm.

On the 14th of August, she went to the University plaza. Following that on 15th of August, she went to the TCL Chinese theatres in Hollywood and then to the Los Angeles International Airport.

Some other locations are still under the investigations. On Friday, the health departments of the county said that there is no potential risk of the infection in the venue. The county’s deepest concern as of now is protecting the guests from infection. Rigorous sanitary is maintained in every part of the nation so that the risks are bit low.

The immunization program is also strengthened as per the ongoing efforts of the nation to protect the guests from such infections. The officials have also made an urge of the county to the people who were in the affected locations to monitor their health.


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