The fate of Earth is written in fast-melting Greenland


Large pieces of icebergs float apart as the sun rises near Kulusuk, Greenland. Scientists are searching with hard tried spectacles to find out the alarming rate of melting of the ice. The condition where Earth’s refrigerator door is left open and all the ice melts down and gives rise to the water level in seas.

In Kulusuk of Greenland area, around the Arctic Circle, the sky was blasted with 52 degrees Fahrenheit. The colleagues of Holland had to work on the melting ice without gloves. David Holland, the ocean scientist of New York University, is constantly tracking on the changes happening in Greenland. This, according to him, can be rendered to as the end of the planet. He is referring to Geography than anything less or future preemption. The watery future of Erath is written in Greenland. The seas around the globe are melting and filled in with ice water as the ice Holland is starting to melt. The ice Holland stands old for thousands of years. It will wave out in a year or two. This year summer is balling the temperatures of Greenland with leaps and bounds. It is expected that at the end of summer, around 440 billion tons of ice can be eradicated from the giant ice sheet of Greenland.

In just five days, the scenario in Greenland has changed as 58 billion tins melted from the surface. The calculation is exactly 40 billion tons more than the average rate. According to NASA oceanographer, Josh Willis, who is presently in Green land, stated that every year in summer the glaciers used to shrink and grew in winters? But this year nothing happened. The scientists and researchers are expecting to see larger areas of the ice sheet melting into longer oceans.


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