Space telescope sends out rare images of Earth-sized rocky exoplanet

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has sent out rare glimpse through the NASA space telescope of an earth-sized rocky exoplanet. Direct observations are set inflow showing the orbits of an atmospheric void celestial object beyond the solar system.

According to the research pushed in the journal, Nature carrying scientific knowledge resemble exterior surrounding of Earth’s moon or Mercury. The exoplanet is believed to have been covered in dark volcanic rock. The astronomers have recognized this exoplanet as LHS 3844b. The exoplanet is about 48.6 light-years away from Earth and is one among the exoplanets determined over the past two decades encircling in the Milky Way. The size of the exoplanet is 1.3 times that of the earth which is locked in a tight orbit. The exoplanet is making one revolution every 11 hours around a small red dwarf. The red dwarf is considered to be the oldest and long-lived star in the galaxy.   The lack of atmosphere in the newly found exoplanet is because of the intense radiation received from the red dwarf. The red dwarf who is the parent celestial object for the exoplanet is expected to emit high scalars of ultraviolet light.

The main finding of the study suggests that the exoplanet has a little atmosphere. This was supported that the temperature between the sides of the planet is cooler than the dark side facing away from it. The lack of winds prohibits the transfer of heat between the two sides. Laura Kreidberg, a researcher of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in Cambridge, Massachusetts, confirmed that the temperature contrast is really big in the planet.

The exoplanet previously discovered which was two times the size of the Earth is known as 55 Cancri e that was covered with molten lava. LHS 3844b is orbiting like sun and star.

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