NASA finally asserts to travel into the moon of Jupiter- Europa

Image Credit: spectrum

National Aeronautics and Space Administration has finally confirmed the broadcast to send a probe to Europa. The space research center has locked the next phase of Europa Clipper mission to send a spacecraft to determine if the Jovian moon can support life or not. The agency is on the part of moving towards the last and final stage of designing the spacecraft. The launch is expected by the administration to get there by 2023 to ensure cost-effectiveness of the entire process. But, on the longer terms, the launch is expected to get there by 2025.

Researchers had formulated the idea and thesis to NASA in 2017, where they revealed a boxy lander. The boxy lander would supposedly study the surface and what is inside the moon. The team had full power from the inception of ideas as it has already been put under tests for its data antenna. The common goal is to find life beyond Earth. As the remnants of the earth are subjected to an easy decrease in resources, astronomers and researchers are trying hard to find a substantial life saving a celestial object that would help us to get save from any eventuality. The moon of Jupiter is searched to be the best candidate in the Solar System to support life.

The outer crust of Europa is covered with water ice that suggests that there has been sea salt surmounting it. There might even a water life beneath the horizons of the crust of Europa. Clipper mission would help to regulate the idea of human exploration, which is yet to be drawn. The process will take years to come out, but the aspirations are as high as it was with Mars. Celestial objects are not under control of any emotion. Humans are in a constant mood to find a new place to live in. Maybe, Europa can get us there.


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