India is running out of Water


India is running out of water in more places and different ways. The risk is more in India than any other country in the running out of water.

The water crisis is the new generation issue that is increasing with leaps and bounds. The popular reasons being stacked one after another in terms of its global ration. Reasons like modernization, mismanagement of distribution of resources, climate change, and breakdown of a traditional form of sharing natural resources. Since ages, LEH, in India, comprising the Ladakh region is one of the world’s highest and driest inhabited places. The remote land is living with the melting water conceived from entering snows that drip from the Himalayan Mountains. Like many places in India are drying out in the absence of water, Ladakh is also making up ways for drying out. Ladakh is known as a popular tourist spot in India. With the increase in tourists in the beautiful mountain, the place is breaking down with the conservation of water. More than 80-90% of the total water table is used for agricultural purposes. The agricultural needs and the sector itself need to be more efficient. There should be in the first place laws intact to ensure that people are not cultivating intensive water crops in drought-prone areas.

Residents of Shimla had to wait for four days at a stretch to get a drop of water. The situation worsened as the authorities of Shimla had to close state schools for five days, and the tourists had to bid adieu to the state of Shimla. Water disputes continue within the country and the neighboring places also. The battle over the Yamuna in the north, Cauvery in the South, the Narmada in the Midwest and the new continuance between Pakistan and Bangladesh is ruining the water table of India.


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