Confirmed: Amaru And Goyo Are Here

The third seasonal update of Rainbow Six Siege “Operation Ember Rise” has finally announced. This edition is remarkable as the game’s first Mexican and Peruvian Operators will debut in this session. As the rumors suggested two new characters, Amaru And Goyo will be introduced in this season.

Recently Ubisoftrevealed some gameplay footage of Amaru and Goyo and we can’t hold our excitement. Those who are unaware of the leaks Amaru is a Peruvian character, and Goyo is Mexican will debut this season. The recent announcement also revealed some key information about the two characters previously unknown to us.

Who are they and what are their skills?

Amaru is an Attack Operator, and Goyo is a Defend Operator. Amaru is a female character armed with a grappling hook, using that he can breach through windows, climb ceiling panels which is almost impossible for other existing operators. In other hands, Goyo, who is a defender, can place a portable shield with a hidden explosive. If someone destroys that shield, it will explode and cover the entire floor with flames which can cause heavy casualties.

What do they mean for the game?

These two characters can take the Siege to new heights and can bring a whole new aspect for the game. Amaru and Goyoare two recognized members of Siege but ignored for the last three years. Introducing the two new characters will help the game to increase the fanbase in the Latin American region. Moreover, existing players can enjoy their gadgets.

Previously most attacks would come from doors, ceiling, or through the wall. Defenders were less worried about reinforcing the floor panels but the introduction of Amaru, who can ascend through those panels, will force the defenders to revisit their strategy. The gadget of Goya is looking impressive, and one of the deadliest in the entire game and traps used by Goyo has the potential to fooled any attackers.

Ubisoft Russia tweeted “The Operation Ember Rise will begin very soon,” D-Day is coming soon. Hold your excitement and enjoy the game.

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