Apple’s iPhone 11: the Need of the Hour

The launch of three new iPhone models is going to happen on the 10th of September this year. A few years ago, Apple was the undisputed leader of the smartphone industry. But for Apple, things have changed quite a bit in the last couple of years. Some users prefer feature-packed Samsung Galaxy S10 and Note 10, some are opting for the cheaper Oneplus 7 Pro, and the most existing users are not upgrading their old iPhones as they are working fine. As a result, iPhone sales fell around 12% in the 3rd fiscal quarter. Apple has to step up to be standout in this already crowded market. Here we will discuss the top 5 improvements and features we are expecting, which will make the iPhone 11 a dream phone for you.

Camera Improvement

Apple camera underperforms in low-light. Apple has to develop superior image processing algorithm, which will improve the night photography.

As rumors suggest, Apple will include a 3RD lens in the back camera so we can expect an increase in megapixel. A larger sensor will capture more light, and night photography can be improved.

High-end Android phones are doing a better job in the selfie camera. Apple requires to add a camera for Depth Sensing, or at least we need an increase in Megapixel count.

In video shooting, Apple is leading the industry by far margin. But feature like Portrait mode for video recording, Smart HDR will be helpful for the users.

Battery Life Improvement 

Usually, Apple provides a small battery capacity, but due to its software-hardware optimization, it lasts longer than most of the Android Phones. But there is a need for improvement in battery capacity. As rumor suggests this time, Apple is planning to increase the battery capacity by 30%. Apart from that, Apple’s new A13 Bionic chip is expected to be more battery efficient than the predecessor A12 chip.

A Great and Vibrant Display

The OLED display used in the iPhone is one of the best in the smartphone industry, but there is no match for Samsung’s HDR10+ display in Galaxy S10 series and the high refresh rate of one plus7 Pro.

According to rumors, Apple could bring Pro-Motion technology to the iPhone this September. Pro-motion is nothing but the higher refresh rate in iPad lineup. Leaks suggest the iPhone will have a model named “iPhone Pro” and “Pro” stands for Pro Motion display.

Fast Charger in the Box

Most Apple users will agree with me on this point. Apple is providing a 5Watt adopter in the accessory box since its inception, even with iPhone XS Max, which costs a whopping $999.

Finally the Cost

In countries like India and Brazil, the iPhone prices are sky-high. One unit of iPhone XS Max costs more than $1600, which is around $600 more than that of the USA. Without any choice, People are preferring old Apple phone models.

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