Amazon is eyeing Alexa to make it more fun to use

Since the launch of Alexa by Amazon, it has been in the news. This time a variety of gadgets, smart toys and games can move into the market. The latest Amazon developer tool has made it possible to attain new Alexa-enabled gadgets. The company made a declaration relating to a new API known as “Custom Interfaces,” which is circumscribed within Alexa Gadgets Toolkit SDK. This particular toolkit helps developers to generate communication or interaction between their self-owned internet-connected products and Alexa.

Amazon is trying to instill quirky and fun experiences using the Custom Interfaces by labeling it as third party manufacturer. As described by Amazon, if you want to play basketball indoors with the Wi-Fi enabled the feature in Alexa. In the same time, if you want to learn piano, then Alexa could work in symphony with a small keyboard to teach you the lessons of the piano. In this way, Amazon wants it, users, to take fun advantage of Alexa. But, above all, if children want to be part of this fun feature, then the parents have to interfere by giving their permission s to set the security systems for Amazon. For the developers, Customer Interfaces API is available for them to formulate into real programming.

Now, after the launch of this feature, it is to be determined how long wills Amazon and Alexa be able to provide safe and fun experiences. Amazon is one of the leading online sites for providing immense quality products, has leveled up the game with the advent of Alexa. Apart from the Siri and Google assistant, the most purchased Talking-Assistant product by customers is Alexa. Amazon is the most trusted company that has scored n the millennial generation with leaps and bounds. The success stories are more predominant than the failure stories of Amazon.

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