The future of NASA’s Mars exploration is a worrisome matter


The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)’s mission to carve samples from Mars might turn an adverse pay-off situation. The older scientists believe that a time will arrive when America will not have sufficient funds to undertake other missions which include sending robots to the planet.

The mission to travel to Mars is going to be commenced in 2020. A rover is already in the last part of its configuration that would be sent in July 2020. Like the rover which has spent seven years in Mars addressed as Curiosity, this rover is likely to bring soil and rock samples back to Earth. The sample might be brought back to Earth by two leading space agencies that comprise the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and European Space Agency. Both the agencies are likely to bring samples to Earth in 2031. The mission would take place in 2026. For now, NASA is leveling high with its Lunar Gateway mission. Recent Mars Exploration Program Analysis Group (MEPAG) has been structured in Pasadena, California. The meeting concluded that till now, robotic missions to Mars had been developed. NASA is found to be funding for EscaPADE, but guarantee cannot be ensured for its launch and development.

NASA’s current plans are to make humans land on the Moon by 2024. In retracting this entire process, the astronauts will make use of pre-positioned ladders to allow them to step upon the lunar surface. Like any other new intriguing start, this Gateway initiation also held some complicated behavior. The major concern was if the Lunar Gateway could provide delta-v energy which is needed to reach the Moon’s surface. There were different assumptions where scientists found that it could be a hindrance too. But, for now, it seems, the Lunar Gateway has passed its deep-space exploration program.

The exploration of science is restricted to budgets is what said by Watzin, director of NASA’s Mars Exploration Program.


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