Microsoft Windows, August 2019 Patch

Most of the users of Microsoft Windows have an open mind when it comes to applying the monthly security update. These users are waiting for the Window Update just the way people look forward to visiting their dentist. Moreover, it seems like the security update comes into being just yesterday, yet it did not perform up to the mark. Nevertheless, in the present month, the Microsoft security patch is entirely merciful when it is putting into contrast with the previous ones.

On the second Tuesday of the month, Microsoft came out with another security Patch. According to new sources, with the latest security patch, Microsoft intends to fix around 93 distinctive vulnerabilities that presently incorporates the Windows 10 OS. Microsoft also said that about 35 of these vulnerabilities are affecting the core of the Windows servers. On the other hand, the rest 70 vulnerabilities are present in the conventional Windows 10 OS.

How robust is the new security patch? 

It doesn’t seem like Microsoft didn’t fix anytime with the new software patch this month. Nevertheless, the people who want to stay away from the cybercriminal can download the official patch.

One of the most important things that Microsoft is going to fix is present in its service, namely, Remote Desktop. By the looks of it, the feature allows the users to administer and access an authentic Windows computer remotely. Qualys, a security vendor, said that it is easy to exploit the two significant weaknesses remotely. They do not need authentication or user interaction.

Microsoft said that CVE-2019-1181 and CVE-2019-1182 are the two primary vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities are currently in wormable stage, and it can be equated up to BlueKeep. The software giant suggests that this is a very dangerous bug which the giant did fix immediately. According to Microsoft, it is straightforward to weaponize their vulnerabilities and cause massive damage to most of the Windows operating system. Microsoft also said that presently the Remote Desktop is in default mode.

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