FAA bans the recalled MacBook Pro in aircrafts

The report is all about the basic common sense that most of the people do not use in real-life. According to the reports, if a person owns the 2015 version of the MacBook Pro which did feature retina display, they cannot carry it while they are boarding an airplane.

In the meantime, Bloomberg reportedly said that the FAA is also taking a drastic step. According to the announcement FAA completely bans the MacBook Pro which Apple did recall a couple of months ago. FAA clearly says that the passengers who have 2015 version of MacBook Pro cannot bring the device to a plane. In addition to this, the passengers cannot put the laptops in the cargo bay or carry with them.

By the looks of it, FAA did take a similar stance when Note 7 was catching fire. One of the spokespersons of FAA came up with a statement to provide to The Verge. The spokesperson said that this is not something that the airplane federation should take lightly.

FAA wants to keep the passengers safe

The spokesperson also said that the FAA is well aware of the recalling of MacBook Pro. A few months ago, Apple said that the 2015 retina display MacBook Pro will go through battery replacement. According to the experts at Apple, the lithium battery has a peculiar property of catching fire.

Back in June 2019, FAA did alert the airlines concerning the recall, and they did also inform the public about it. Moreover, the FAA also came out with issue reminders so that people can focus on following the instructions concerning the recalls.

It is important to note that the specific ban on the MacBook Pro is quite hard when it comes to enforcing. Most of the models of MacBook Pro look alike. On the other hand, the safety alert by the FAA didn’t ideally specify any distinctive enforcement on MacBook Pro.