Where to watch the Perseid fireball meteor shower show 2019?

The world’s most favorite fiesta concerning the fireballs is coming back again, in 2019. According to the significant astronomers around the world, the meteor shower show, Perseid is currently in progress. 

However, Perseid will reach its optimum peak from 11 August & go all the way through the 13th of August. However, the prime time of the meteor shower will begin from the 12th of August, Monday night and continue up to Tuesday morning.

The comet with an orbital period of 133 years, Swift-Tuttle sends an annual interstellar gift to the people of Earth. Swift-Tuttle’s Debris particles give rise to the comet that flares up the atmosphere of Earth. Furthermore, the earthlings are treated with a massive illusion of the falling stars. According to the astronomers, the lights come from a definitive direction from Perseus’ constellation. By the looks of it, this is the reason why the people call the meteor shower as Perseid.

When does the annual meteor shower begin?

Perseid usually kicks off in the middle of July. Furthermore, it stays active all through August. Back in the year 2011, the International Space Station did get a beautiful treat considering the meteor shower.

According to the Meteor Society of America, the usual rates of seeing the meteor shower ranges from 50-70 shower at the very most. The natural satellite of the Earth, Moon, is going to be extremely close to the full right. In addition to this, the brightness of the Moon might put a damper on the meteor spotting. Nevertheless, Perseids are extremely rich and bright in colors. 

NASA also claims that having a view at Perseids is something that human beings cannot forget. People of the Northern Hemisphere of the Earth are in for a treat as they would have the best set in the house. But, the only condition to stay awake to witness the yearly interstellar phenomenon.

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