Plant-based foods can decrease the rate of heart attacks


A recent study suggests that consuming vegetables and decreasing the consumption of meat could make a heart-healthy. According to the new study, the cardiovascular system of human beings needs plant-based products. Moreover, this recent study also gives the necessary backup to the earlier reviews of consuming plants.

On the other hand, a much earlier study found that eating much more plant foods would decrease the rate of heart attack by 40%. In addition to this, another study said that people who adopt vegetarian diets could easily cut heart disease risk by a similar percentage.

However, the latest study has recently come into being in the Association of American Heart Journal. By the looks of it, this study claims that the findings are reliable. The researchers found that eating legumes, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, and fewer animal products would lower the risk of a heart attack. Moreover, this dietary regime will also eliminate severe cardiovascular diseases.

Adopt consuming plant food items to live longer

The lead author of the findings is Casey M Rebholz, who also does have a Ph.D. degree. In addition to this, Rebholz is also a notable assistant professor at Baltimore’s health public school, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School.

The data comes from 12,168 middle-aged people who did enroll themselves in the recent ARIC study. The project also did follow the participants from the year 1987 as well as 2016. The conclusion was that the plant-based and pro-vegetarian diet index has a massive score in protecting a person’s heart.

The findings said that the participants with a massive intake of plant foods items would not have cardiovascular conditions. These people will not have to go through heart failure, heart stroke, or even a heart attack. The consumers of high plant food will die 25% less than as compared to others. Giving up animal food products might make people live longer.


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