Vaping causes diseases in lung diseases among older people

The health service department of Wisconsin along with the officials came up with a new development concerning the vaping cases. On the 8th of August, the officials confirmed that there are around 12 different cases of massive lung disease. Moreover, vaping is the sole reason as to why the older population are going through numerous lung diseases.

The officials also said that around 13 cases would go through a staunch investigation. The DHS officials previously said that the case of vaping only takes place among the young adults. In addition to this, teenagers are also into vaping. However, the new development did change the foundation of the ideology. The reports also said that the victims who are suffering from the distinctive lung diseases use marijuana oils. Also, the victims use the extracted and concentrated versions of the drug.

Kenosha, Dodge, Racine, Walworth, Winnebago, and Waukesha are the countries with the most vaping case.

How will the authorities and doctors handle this case?

In a new press release, the Designee Secretary of DHS, Andrea Palm, said that they are presently interviewing the patients. Moreover, the interview will make them aware of the symptoms and ways to tackle the problem. Most of the vaping patients are currently hospitalized. Nevertheless, it is tough for the officials to know about the products which they use.

On the other hand, the victims might be using several products such as synthetic, nicotine, THC, or even combining product. The most common problems that these patients experience are fatigue, chest pain, weight loss, cough, and shortness of breath. 

Each patient has their level of severity. Some of the patients said that they need assistance when it comes to breathing. In addition to this, the other patients said that the treatment is improving their health condition. The people who are going through this problem should immediately consult a doctor. Vaping harms the health of people and people surrounding them.

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