The beautiful must-see photo of Jupiter taken from Hubble

The astronomers did witness a recent change in the position of Jupiter. The shift in the position of Jupiter is said opposition. The reason why the place is said to be opposition is that it poses utterly opposite to the Sun. Moreover, the opposition in position also has a relationship with Earth’s position to the Sun.

However, for the astronomers, this was the perfect time to take a peek at the Milky Way galaxy. By the looks of it, this is where the Hubble Space Telescope came into being. On the 27th of June, the most powerful telescope in the world, Hubble Space Telescope saw the decline in the opposition.

The view was both spectacular, and at the same time, it did reveal the turbulence that Jupiter is going through. Moreover, the color of the planet comprises several colors along with a touch of splendor. The astronomers also said that they saw that a storm was raging in the atmosphere of the planet.

The view of Jupiter was astounding

The astronomers also said that a storm was ranging five-mile right above the cloud. Also, it was drawing several filaments from the cloud, which did, in turn, surround the vortex. Moreover, the astronomers are calling it, the vibrant Great Red Spot, which is extremely large that the diameter of Earth. In addition to this, the wind was blowing at 680 kilometers per hours amid two cloud bands.

The astronomers feel that it the present atmosphere of the planet was similar to the usual hurricane on Earth, only bigger. Planetary scientists also said that the spectacular Great Red Spot is around 350 years old. However, the real reason to record the happening on Jupiter is not possible to know as humans can’t travel to Jupiter. On the other hand, the planetary scientists are banging their heads to get to the bottom of what is happening on Jupiter.

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