Atlas 5 takes off to embark on the glorious space journey

Recently, the Atlas 5 rocket of the United Launch Alliance is heading into space at the time of writing. The rocket took off from the heart of Cape Canaveral. Moreover, the reports suggest that Atlas 5 carries 1.1 billion dollars’ worth communication satellite of the US Air Force. According to sources, the launch of Atlas 5 would deliver a new and perfectly refined set of video, voice and data relay networks.

The launcher, Atlas 5 IS 197-foot-tall meaning it is 60 meters in height. Recently Atlas did lifts off the pad 41 of Cape Canaveral Air Force Station on Thursday at 6:13 AM. The rocket gets its robust power from Russian-built kerosene-fueled RD-180 primary engine. Moreover, there is a five strap-on sturdy rocket boosters, which did take off light a flash of light amid morning twilight over the Space Coast of Florida.

Atlas 5 reaches to the stars

The primary engine and the rocket booster did provide a combination of 2.6 million pounds of thrust. Moreover, this is extremely powerful to push the rocket into the sky. The rocket comprises futuristic and state-of-the-art communication satellite of High Frequency. The equipment will protect the link between government leaders and military commanders.

Atlas 5 had to wait for 29 minutes as the evaluation said that there are some technical issues. In addition to this, the technical issues surrounding the GPS tracking system of the rocket. In no time, the launch team resolved the problem, and the final countdown of four minutes came into being.

The mission of Atlas on Thursday marks the 80th flight of the successful Atlas rocket since 2002 August. The rocket did complete its first stage at 4 minutes and 30 seconds after the Thursday liftoff. The blastoff of Atlas 5 suggests a second launch from the Air Force Station of Cape Canaveral. Atlas 5’s new mission will solve the persisting issues concerning communication between the highest authorities of America.

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