5-year-old Ohio girl is diagnosed with tick paralysis

A mother from Ohio took the help of the internet to share the health of her 5-year-old daughter. By the looks of it, the mother doesn’t want other children to go through the same illness. The parents across the US and the world have a dire need to be aware of the disease concerning, tick.

Moreover, the condition of the youngling did startle the doctors as well as other medical personnel in the hospital. As of now, little Averey is getting her medication from the Children’s hospital. The reports suggest that soon after the doctors came to know about Averey condition, they took her to ICU. The mother of the little girl who came out with this report is Sami Mell. According to the sources, Sami found out two tick who has the size of a single quarter. One of the ticks was on little Averey’s head, whereas the other was right behind her ear.

Averey is currently at her home

On Tuesday, Averey came back to her house from the local Children’s hospital. The specialists also said to the family that they never saw anything like this. The doctors are calling the syndrome as tick paralysis. Sami Mell also noted that the tick could be from their backyard.

According to Sami Mell, the condition of her daughter began to deteriorate immediately. Averey also said that she couldn’t feel her face at first. The experts suggest that tick paralysis is a rare yet a fatal disease which originates from the saliva of the tick. In addition to this, the typical symptoms of the disease are flaccid paralysis, neurological disorders.

However, after just remove the tick in 24 hours, the paralysis begins to subside. Mell said that her daughter was unable to eat, and she even did reach a point where she wasn’t able to breathe in less than an hour. Nevertheless, after the doctors did remove the ticks from her body, she began to feel alright.

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