Tyler Blevins gains 1 Million Subscribers after Parting from Twitch

Tyler Blevins gains 1 million active subscribers after streaming for five days on Mixer. By the looks of it, Microsoft owns the platform Mixer. Tyler did decide to make a massive jump from Twitch, and now he is a part of Microsoft’s broadcasting platform, Mixer. Tyler Blevins took it to Twitter to announce his recent victorious milestone in the field of streaming.

After reaching a massive milestone on Mixer, Tyler said that he didn’t feel this good for a long time. The most prominent question that people were thinking of is that would the fans of Blevins follow him to Mixer. Judging by the massive number of subscribers, the fans of Blevins did follow him all the way around. On the other hand, Tyler has 1 million active subscribers on the platform.

Twitch by Amazon is a massive streaming platform when put into contrast with Microsoft’s Mixer. Nevertheless, gaining 1 million subscribers in just five days is something that even prominent world figures can’t achieve.

Once a Ninja, always a Ninja

At the present moment, it is entirely unclear as to how long will Blevins’ subscribers stay in Mixer. Additionally, the transitional period of the five days does showcase that the popularity of Blevins’ brand is always intact. It would be interesting to see whether the fans of Blevins with subscribe to Mixer after the free subscription period ends.

The fans of Ninja have to switch pay the monthly or yearly subscription fee to remain a part of Mixer. Getting Ninja to join Mixer might be a beneficial move for the streaming platform. Additionally, this is all the more reason as to why Mixer provides benefits to the subscribers of Ninja’s channel of two months of subscription without any fees. No one can tell what the future holds for Blevins’ channel. However, if his fans begin to head to Mixer, then Blevins might break his previous records.

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