The first-ever all-women professional team in Fortnite

Among the people that play Fortnite, the women make around 35 percent of the total players in Fornite’s ecosystem. However, not a single one of these women took part in the latest Fortnite World Cup. However, things are going to take a new direction as the first dating app for women Bumble will combine its forces with Gen G to change the scenario, entirely.

By the looks of it, both companies came up with a new team, namely “Team Bumble.” According to sources, the team incorporates some of the professional players of Fortnite. On the other hand, the team is also going to be the first-ever women-eccentric esports team. The teams also came up with the names of the players who are going to become an integral part of the team.

The Fortnite players such as Madison Mann aka maddiesuun, Tina Perez aka TINARAES, Carlee Gress aka Carlee, Kristen Valnicek “KittyPlays,” and Hannah Reyes. The team told Engadget that the recruitment of the team is done. 

What are the future plans of the team?

The team, Bumble, is also going to bring some potential Fortnite players into the team. Bumble is presently in a unique position to provide complete and utter value to the whole generation of gamers.

Moreover, the team is also trying to encourage women to play games like Fortnite and strive for perfection. In a statement, Valnicek said that she thinks the future is bright for women gamers. Additionally, Valnicek also said that she could not wait to see the potential impact that they will bring forward together.

Bumble also said that it would provide an additional streaming room in the Los Angeles, Gen. G training facility. Together, Gen. G and Bumble will work collectively to empower female in the worldwide gaming community. Bumble also comprises a badge namely, “gaming” on its platonic friends, the Bumble BFF.

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