Dayton Police and FBI will investigate mass shooting together

For a very long time, a Nova Scotia community, Dayton did go through a mass shooting. However, the recent shooting took place on the brink of midnight. Sadly, the fire also took away the lives of nine people, whereas 25 became a part of collateral damage. However, the shooters of the incident did die moments before the authorities caught the wind of the situation.

By the looks of it, the FBI is also going to play an active role in the process of investigations. A recent press release states that the FBI and the Police Department of Dayton will conduct in-depth research regarding the incident. The suspect, who the authorities believe in having begun the shooting, lost his life after the immediate attack. Conner Betts, the suspect, did not live long to spill out the beans to the police authority.

Moreover, the ex-girlfriend of Conner Betts said that the 24-year-old shooter was fond of the idea of mass murders.

The authorities are trying to know the motive of the attacks

Cincinnati, the head of the FBI took it to a press conference said it’s unclear if Betts was following orders. The FBI is still trying to figure out if Betts did get a request to commence the blood bath. The investigation by DPD and the FBI is still under process. According to the survivors of the massacre, Betts did sport a big and heavy assault rifle. The reports also suggest that if Betts would be alive, if he would have taken down the entire area.

The DPD Chief Richard Biehl said that the mass shooter did have a history with mass shootings. Betts’ ex-girlfriend also told that they were a couple, Betts always spoke about mass shootings. However, the poor girlfriend didn’t have any idea that someday in future Betts will begin a mass shooting. The report also suggests that three of the victims were African-Americans.

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