Apple is expanding its bug bounty program by providing exceptional iPhones to the researchers

The Cupertino tech giant is keen to tell people of the world that security and privacy in iPhones are essential. Moreover, the Cupertino tech giant is also ready to pay a considerable amount to bring better security to iPhones. Recently, the iPhone maker said that it launches a new program namely, bug bounty.

With this program, the company would provide people will around $1 million if they discover security flaws in its devices. Apple said that people need to disclose and identify weaknesses in the security of the watchOS, macOS, iCloud, and tvOS. Apple is also going to provide the security researchers with special iPhones to aid them in discovering bugs. The goal of the tech giant is to instigate the researcher to find bugs before the hackers.

The first edition of the program came into being in the year 2016 for iOS. However, this time, things are going to be very different.

Apple wants to explore the bugs in all of its OS

Cupertino tech giant said that it would extend the program to most of its robust operating systems. On the other hand, the researchers who will discover the flaws insecurity that has the potential to affect platforms will receive $200,000 as a payout amount. By the looks of it, this is the same amount that Apple gave to the researches to find flaws in its iOS programs. 

Recently, the country will boast a payout of around $1 million to find flaws on the iOS devices. Apple is trying to make iOS as secure as possible to protect the devices from malicious threats. Apple will also grant $500,000 in terms of reward for the robust security shortcoming to stop hackers. At the beginning of 2019, a researcher found flaws in the macOS, which can expose the passwords of the users.

The user didn’t provide any details to Apple as there wasn’t a bounty program in effect.

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