SpaceX Boat Saves Fairings Falling From The Sky

Reportedly, a boat of the space agency, SpaceX caught Falcon 9 rocket nose on late Tuesday. Interestingly, it is the second time when the incident repeated. On the other hand, the CEO of SpaceX, Elon Musk posts on Twitter regarding the event.

The last 18 months of SpaceX made catching fairing its priority. Fairings are the structures surrounding payloads. Further, Falcon 9 carries satellites which can protect the objects like fairings during launches. Also, fairings are one of the essential objects for space missions. And they need protection.

Although such objects generally divide into two parts in space, they descend and return to earth.  Furthermore, the CEO at SpaceX also says that such objects are not always retrievable.

Additionally, Elon Musk also tweets regarding the fall of fairings from space. He says that Ms. Tree boat caught the fairing.

SpaceX Post The Video Of The Skyfall

Apart from it, Musk also says to imagine having six million dollars in cash, which are flying. And, then he questions what will happen if that significant amount is going to smash into waters.  Further, Musk then questions people as to whether they want to recover the money or not. In addition to it, he says, of course, everyone can want to recover the amount. This post is from the year 2018 via twitter.

Moreover, SpaceX shares a video of the incident on Tuesday on Twitter. In his tweet, he shows the gentle landing of the fairing into the boat of SpaceX. The whole scenario took place in the Atlantic Ocean. The fairing descended from above after 75 minutes of the launch of Amos-17 satellite.

Amos-17 satellite is a communication satellite which the Falcon 9 rocket launched. Similarly, the boat of SpaceX, GO Ms. Tree went by the name Mr. Steven. It is to protect fairings from ocean water. It is because salt water can damage the structure of fairings. Besides, if they want to use it for the future, it would not be possible.

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