Rwanda Takes Emergency Measures To Stop Ebola

A recent report states that Rwanda takes some emergency measures for stopping the virus Ebola from spreading. It became a significant concern when the deadly virus started spreading across the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s border.

Unfortunately, one year ago, the virus, Ebola, killed about 1800 people in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Last year, the world saw the outbreak of the virus in the country.

However, both countries’ health ministers recently met and agreed on mutual concerns. Precisely, they decided to take action for preventing Ebola’s spread.

Recently, the ministers the two countries met on Tuesday for working on a plan. The plan is to find a solution for the virus, Ebola. Further, many have hopes with this meeting that it will undoubtedly lead to a fruitful strategy. Besides, many also think to present the plan to the WHO. As per matter of fact, WHO stands for World Health Organization.

The Gold Miner Infected Many Others

Previously, a report surfaced where a gold miner died of Ebola. Additionally, he also contaminated a few others in his wake. The authorities of DRC confirmed the news, and they were racing to fix the issue. Furthermore, they also fear that the epidemic might last for 2-3 years in DRC.  

Similarly, the response coordinator for Ebola revealed some reports. For the record, Jean-Jacques Muyembe is the response coordinator for Ebola virus. According to Muyembe, the man might have contaminated many people. But, as of now, the sick ones are his wife along with one child, said the official.

Moreover, the man’s wife also died in DRC after suffering from Ebola. Along with it, the officials tested her and found her positive for Ebola. Thus, this was case number four, which the authorities confirmed. Besides, the authorities found that the virus infected the daughter of the miner as well.

Meanwhile, WHO declared that they had placed gold miner’s seven relatives on surveillance. And, they have done it for the sake of precaution.

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