Researchers Observed Active Movement Of Earth’s Magnetic Poles

As per a report, the magnetic poles of the earth are moving actively. It is unlike the geographical poles that remain stationary.

Surprisingly, the northern magnetic pole slowly moves towards Russia across the Arctic. And it is happening since the year 1831. However, the researchers have witnessed the increase in the speed of its movement. Presently, the poles are moving at a speed of 34 miles in a year. Thus, the rate is faster than in previous years. As a result, it forces the scientists towards modifying the magnetic model of the earth.

The magnetic model goes by the name World Magnetic Model. Further, navigation systems use this model. Besides, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, British militaries, and the US use this model as well. Additionally, reports suggest that scientists might update the model after one year.

Magnetic Field Reversal Happens In Every Thousand Year

A study reveals that the magnetic field is likely to reverse the polarity in every thousand years. So, it implies that after such years, the magnetic north pole becomes the geographic South Pole. Interestingly, the scientists have found that last time the reversal happened before 770 thousand years.

Moreover, in a recent study, researchers discovered the period of the last reversal. Hence, they concluded that the previous reversal took approximately 22 thousand years for the completion of the reversal. This time is longer than the researchers expected. And, the researchers explained this fact recently.

Although some think that the reversal might happen over a human’s lifespan, despite the belief, the findings oppose this theory.

Similarly, by analyzing and observing a survey, researchers studied the reversal. For this, they analyzed ocean sediments, lava flows, and ice cores of Antarctica. Therefore, the details from the samples highlighted the weakness of the magnetic field of the earth. Undoubtedly, they also understood the partial shift and its stability in millions of years.

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