Legionnaires Kills A Man An Atlanta Hotel


Reportedly, one person dies of a disease named Legionnaires after he stayed at a popular hotel in Atlanta. Besides, eleven other people also get a diagnosis with the disease. And, the famous hotel goes by the name Sheraton Atlanta.

Additionally, the officials have also identified other cases. As per reports, Nancy Nydam confirms the news. Nydam is the communications director at the Public Health Department of Georgia.

Further, there are some probable cases of people who showed symptoms of Legionnaires. For the record, it is a severe kind of pneumonia which is fortunately noncontiguous. Similarly, Nydam says that epidemiological evidence shows the symptoms. It is for the people who once stayed at the hotel during that period. Furthermore, some even got a diagnosis with the disease when they showed lung problems. They stayed at the hotel in July.

Still No Confirmation For The Bacterium

However, there is still no confirmation for the bacterium which caused the disease, Legionnaires. Nydam says that the hotel shuttered its doors and even conducted a test. Notably, they hired experts for conducting the test.

On the other hand, the general manager of the hotel has to say on the matter. Ken Peduzzi is the general manager. He says that the hotel, Sheraton Atlanta remained closed up to August 11. Furthermore, he said that environmental experts and health officials are working to determine the outbreak source.

Moreover, a recent report from the government revealed that one among ten people dies when infected with Legionnaires disease. So far, the disease has affected about ten thousand to eighteen thousand people who are from the US. As a result, the number of people dying is increasing abruptly. Now, researchers are on the way to find the cure of the disease so that they can reduce the death rates.


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