Humans Not Yet Ready For Deep Space Exploration

The upcoming decades would hopefully see humans landing on the moon and also exploring beyond. In spite of high present-day technologies, the human body might present obstacles for distant space explorations. According to a journal, mammal brains are not yet ready to face such a journey. It also says that there might be some unexpected problems that can cause potential threats.

Concerning a recent study, scientists observed a low dose exposure of radiation on mice. As a result, they concluded that mice were acting strangely on continuous radiation exposure. For this, the scientists used radiation similar to deep-space radiation. Further, they revealed that the exposure caused severe impairment in mice’s memory as well as learning. Surprisingly, they also started showing signs of anxiety.

However, some take the observation unsurprising as the mice spend only six months in the experiment. But, the scientists have found some changes in the brains of mice. So, it might explain the theory that the scientists put forward.

Radiation Might Cause Impairments

Similarly, Charles Limoli has to explain his observation. For the record, Limoli is a radiation oncology professor. In his research paper, Limoli explains that the observation clearly shows impairment for astronauts in terms of their ability. Furthermore, the astronauts might also face issues in response. Precisely, the response might turn out to be inappropriate, slow, and inefficient as well. Therefore, this impairment might hinder the brains of astronauts while in their Mars mission.

Conversely, as the scientists experimented on mice, the conclusion remains uncertain on humans. Still, the observations are crucial in their way. Previously in April, twin study of NASA showed some physiological changes in the astronaut Scott Kelly. Additionally, Kelly spent one year at ISS, and he sustained some minor physiological changes. However, the differences were not life-threatening. Moreover, it showed that humans are capable of doing well on their space missions.

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