Cows Cab Save The Earth From Climate Change


Cows, unlike other animals, might contribute to saving the Earth from climate change. Precisely, an experiment taking place at AgResearch might potentially turn out to be a boon for the planet. As per matter of fact, AgResearch is a research institute for farming science.

Recently, the research institute gave a vaccine to the cows against some gut microbes. Such microbes are responsible for producing methane while their food digestion. Certainly, methane is one among greenhouse gases which can trap heat 25 times higher than carbon dioxide.

Further, AgResearch aims to develop the vaccine. Besides, the research institute has an aim or the development with the help of methods containing no methane. By the looks of it, the research institute makes an effort to continue the consumption of dairy products and meat. Besides, it also forms its move towards reducing the impact of the livestock industry.

Livestock Responsible For 14 Percent Of Total Greenhouse Emissions

Moreover, as per estimates, livestock is responsible for about 14 percent of total greenhouse emissions. In addition to carbon dioxide, there are two gases that farming generates in large quantities. Henceforth, these gases are, namely, methane and nitrous oxide. Firstly, nitrous oxide produces from fertilizer and waste addition to the soil.

Similarly, the later generates from ruminants. Additionally, those ruminants are cattle and sheep. So, they account for over three times of overall agricultural emissions. Furthermore, on average, ruminant produces methane of about 250 to 500 liters daily. Similarly, livestock also accounts for burping methane equivalent to carbon dioxide of about 3.1 gigatonnes.

Similarly, Agresearch’s scientists have a hope to reduce livestock farming, which in turn causes global warming. Furthermore, a microbiologist of AgResearch has also put forward an experiment. According to him, a large number of microbes present in rumen produce about 3 percent of methane.


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