Atlanta Officials Confirmed The First Death From Legionnaires

The Atlanta officials confirmed the death of a woman who died from the disease, Legionnaires. Reportedly, the confirmation came on Tuesday regarding the death. The officials also confirm that the virus infected the woman while she stayed at a major Atlanta hotel. As per matter of fact, the hotel that she stayed was Sheraton Atlanta.

On the other hand, the communication director at the public health department at Georgia comes forward to talk. Nancy Nydam is the communication director who says that they have diagnosed eleven others with the deadly disease. Precisely, the condition is an extreme lung disease or a kind of severe pneumonia. Further, it comes from a bacterium which goes by the name Legionella. According to Nydam, all the people stayed at Sheraton Atlanta. However, they have identified about 61 cases too. But, they are yet to confirm the same.

Sheraton Atlanta Remains Closed Until August 11

Meanwhile, the hotel, Sheraton Atlanta remains closed until August 11. Furthermore, the general manager of the hotel comes forward to give the statement. Besides, Ken Peduzzi is the general manager who says that they are testing the property. In addition to it, he says that they had already completed the test last week. Moreover, the hotel has taken some precautionary remedies against the disease. Presently, the general manager also says that they are waiting for the final result.

Speaking of the bacterium, Legionella, it grows in places like freshwater lakes, streams, etc. Gradually, the bacteria move towards water systems including showerheads; sink faucets, hot tubs, cooling towers, etc.

Moreover, Dr. Sandra Kesh gave some vital information on the disease. Dr. Kesh is a disease specialist for infections. Similarly, outbreaks usually happen in public sources of water. One of such water sources are the ones which one can find in hotels. Lastly, she tells that the bacterium contaminates the water, which then evaporates and people subsequently breathe it.

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