West Nile Virus Creating Havoc In Los Angeles County

As per reports, two residents in Los Angeles County get a diagnosis for the West Nile virus. As per matter of fact, this year, these two cases are first in the county.

Reportedly, the two people became sick with the virus, West Nile in the later phase of last month. Fortunately, the two are recovering as of now. For the record, humans get the virus, West Nile through mosquito-bite. The officials confirmed the news of their recovery this Monday. Coming onto those two people, one is from San Fernando Valley while the other is from LA County.

On the other hand, the health officer of LA County comes forward to deliver his statement. Precisely, Dr. Muntu Davis is the health officer who is glad that the two residents are recovering. Additionally, he says that they are also recovering from infections and fever due to the virus. Further, Dr. Davis wishes the two well and speaks to witness many such cases every year in LA County.

West Nile Deadly For People Aging Over 50

Furthermore, he warns that the virus infection of West Nile could be severe and deadly. Dr. Davis then explains that it is hazardous for people aging over 50. Besides, the virus is dangerous for people who go through health problems. Lastly, Dr. Davis explains that mosquito bites can make a person sick, and they are annoying as well.

Previously, West Nile virus has killed people every year in California. Last year, it killed 11 people, and in the previous year, the number was even more, i.e., 44. Similarly, officials say that West Nile virus killed a man from Imperial County last month.

Moreover, they say that the death of this man was the first case of West Nile virus this year. Therefore, officials recommend people to apply mosquito repellent and cleaning yards with standing water. With such measures, people can protect themselves against such deadly diseases.

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