Radiation Exposure Can Result in Memory Impairment

As per a recent study, continuous exposure to radiation even for low dose in deep space can result in impairment. Precisely, scientists experimented on mice, particularly in its brain. In the end, they found some issues with memory as well as learning, along with anxiety.

Astronauts continuously get exposure to radiation of low dose while in the depth of space. Thus, they will get this exposure on their spaceflight; Mars mission, which will be a long term flight.

Previously, the studies revealed the radiation effect on the brains for shorter exposure rates. Besides, it included high rates of radiation doses. However, the researchers are not able to say the exact conditions of deep space with the recent study.

Severe Neurocognitive Effects Due To Prolonged Radiation

Further, the study highlights that space radiation for an extended period could result in adverse effects. Precisely, it might result in severe neurocognitive effects. Furthermore, it is quite similar to past studies, where the dose rates were approximately four hundred times higher.

According to the recent study, scientists exposed male mice to chronic radiation of low dose. And, they exposed the mice for about six months. So, towards the end of six months, they found impairment in its prefrontal cortex as well as in hippocampus. Indeed, it was due to the effect of radiation. As a result, it created memory and learning impairment for the mice.

Additionally, the researchers observed some behaviors that indicated the mice are in anxiety. Therefore, it led researchers to think that the low dose radiation affected the mice’s amygdala as well.

To the recent study, Charlies Limoli comes forward to talk. Limoli is a radio oncology professor and a study author. According to Limoli, the study reflects adverse effects in neurocognitive conditions for deep-space radiation. Surprisingly, the result is even higher than past studies, says Limoli.

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