How to watch the unpacking event of Samsung Galaxy Note 10?

The first-ever Galaxy Note device from Samsung came into being in the year 2011. For over the last eight years, Samsung has made several changes to the Note line-up. On the other hand, the conventional first Galaxy Note device came with a massive 5.3-inch display which was almost twice the size of Apple flagship device iPhone 4S. The most distinctive feature of the note device is the stylus, which gave the users to write anything on display.

Currently, no devices come under the phablet category anymore. Most of the smartphones feature at least a 5.5-inch display. Eventually, the size of the screen became bigger and reached over 6 inches. Samsung is bringing a new Note device to battle the likes of the iPhone and Pixel. 

By the looks of it, this week on Wednesday, Samsung is going to unveil, a Note 10 device in New York’s Brooklyn. Moreover, Samsung won’t reveal the forthcoming Galaxy Fold device during this event.

Samsung would release the Galaxy Note 10 soon

The South Korean multinational technology conglomerate schedules numerous events all through the years. However, the “Unpacked” events by Samsung reveals the most crucial developments that the company makes with smartphones. On the 7th of August 2019, Samsung will finally come out with the most anticipated smartphone of 2019, Note 10.

People can easily stream the event online. Moreover, there are specific guidelines that the viewers need to follow to live stream the event. Samsung also said that the groundbreaking Galaxy Fold is going to get a launch date in 2019 September. Samsung would also release Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 and Active 2 smartwatch in the forthcoming days.

People around the world can live stream the event on the same date of the game; however, the timing is different: People from Paris, San Francisco, London, New York can live stream the event at 10 PM, 1 PM, 9 PM, 4 PM, respectively.