Google Pixel Slate get a maximum discount

Google came up with the Pixel Slate in November 2018. According to tech experts and enthusiasts, the device is neither a tablet or a laptop.  By the looks of it, this made the device to go through a massive identity crisis. 

However, it is essential to note that Google was on the verge of creating the best of both worlds. Moreover, the form factor of the Google device was said to be the best. The base model of the Pixel Slate is a little sluggish; however, this isn’t the case with the upper versions. Currently, Google’s old base model Pixel Slate is available at $250 for a minimal time.

People who are into watching movies, TV-Series, and surfing the web, the Chrome OS is an absolute delight. Some of the tech experts even said that the Pixel Slate offers a massive speed for web browsing. It is essential to use the Chrome OS app other than the Android apps.

Specs and new price of Pixel Slate

The device features a massive 12.3” LCD alongside robust front-facing speakers. The device is appropriate for the media consumption experiences found in the ecosystem. Pixel Slate also features a couple of USB Type-C ports and an ultra-responsive fingerprint sensor. The best thing about the device is the battery back of around 10 hours.

The Pixel Slate comes with a sans keyboard as well as a stylus, and it comes in three distinctive configurations. People can avail the discount on the devices on both Best Buy and Amazon. The device also has the same discount in the official Google Store. The deal is available until the 18th of August 2019.

The device is available in three specifications:

Intel Core M3 processor with 8GB RAM and 64 GB storage for $549

Intel Core i5-Y processor with 8GB RAM and 128 GB storage for $749

Intel Core i7-Y processor with 16GB RAM and 256 GB storage for $1,349

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