Apple would do something that Intel could never do

The Cupertino tech giant is on the verge of making its new billion dollars. According to sources, Apple will take over the scrapped modem business of India from the Intel. According to sources, this would make Apple much more in control of the 5G scarp modems. It looks like Apple is getting much closer to its destiny.

A superficial analysis suggests that the tech giant from Cupertino is delightful to depend less on Qualcomm. By the looks of it, after a prolonged battle, Apple and Qualcomm are not going to send each other Christmas card this year.

Apple has always put its focus to bring the components for its devices and design it in-house. However, this is not something that Intel could ever do even with a massive amount of resources. Intel always combines its forces with the other organizations to give rise to new devices. Experts are suggesting that Apple is going to beat the silicon powerhouse in the long run.

Apple knows how to keep itself separate from other companies

Even if Apple begins to differentiate itself, it is essential to note that Apple still doesn’t own the memory chip that is an integral part of the iPhone. According to sources, Apple doesn’t like to be in this position anymore. When it comes to the chip performance, Apple is going to go through an epic fail before getting to the top.

Moreover, Intel is happy to collaborate with any other company, even Apple. Intel prefers to provide its hardware to other companies, and it plays a significant role in Mac devices. By the looks of it, all of the Mac devices feature the CPU from Intel.

If Apple decides to fly solo, then the company already knows that it is tough to curate a processor which is perfectly compatible with a device. Experts suggest that Intel will never pursue going solo, but Apple will.