Gold Miner Infects Many Others with Ebola

The Ebola virus is the running danger of the Democratic Republic of Congo. And, it has contaminated a set ratio of population. But for now, the news is clocking around the death of a gold miner. Notions are in the air that the gold miner must have infected many lives of people. But, for now, the wife of the gold miner and his ten children have fallen sick because of Ebola.

The World Health Organization has confirmed that the relatives of gold miner are under survey and medical treatment. It is to take a precautionary measure in Goma. Besides, in no time, the virus is capable of dividing and going out of control.

The aftermath that is following is that the World Health Organization issued global health alarm and banned travel from and to these cities to stop the spread of Ebola. Only the vaccine made by Merck is allowed to use in DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo). Otherwise, all other developed vaccines strictly truck from its basic manufacture. The results that follow are indicating prima facie better results. Merck is donating around 210,000 doses. Even Johnson and Johnson are on the list of recommendation by the World Health Organization.

The Concept Ebola Virus Rose Since A Year Ago – Muyembe, Wife Of The Gold Miner

Muyembe, wife of the gold miner said that the Concept of entire Ebola virus has risen since a year ago. If the necessary treatment lags now, then the presence of virus would stay for two to three years from the present date.

The symptoms of the virus are very transparent as it would cause the body to bleed, vomit, catch the fever. Besides, it can show blatant diarrhea soon it starts to divide within the host body, which readily leads to liver and kidney failure.

For a while, the government is in a relaxed position because the vaccines are not going to run out as said by the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Anthony Fauci. Several issues are rounding up in detail.

One of them is lack of funding, which is leading to the failure of proper medication and prevention at the accurate time. The entire scenario is giving rise to the diplomatic and concerning situation. The ignorance from the international interest for the region of Congo is another concern.

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