Amazon Ladders Up By Introducing Opt-Out Feature In Alexa

Amazon, along with Google and Apple, has decided to let its users manually delete recordings. Apple and Google have already stopped this process of reviewing human reviews. On the other hand, Amazon is supporting Alexa users with an opt-out setting. However, Amazon is a bearer of providing more security features than Google and Apple.

From the last scandal that Amazon had to face regarding the Alexa recordings, Amazon has laid down privacy portal. Interestingly, the portal has snow turned into a guiding USB for keeping a record of the updated language.

To find this change in your phone, you have to check in to the Amazon Alexa App and then put on your navigation to the settings. Further, in the settings part, you will get to see “Alexa Privacy.” After enrolling herein, you can go to “Manage How Your Data Improves Alexa.” Furthermore, you would hear a new language. It voices out, saying, “your voice recordings may be used to develop new features and manually reviewed to help improve our services.” 

Customers’ Security Is The Priority- Amazon Spokesperson

According to an Amazon spokesperson, the spokesperson affirmed that customers’ security is their priority. Besides, the gentleman spoke on the new Alexa changes for opting out of the human reviews. They were used to develop new features for existing customers.

Amazon is a pioneer in providing reliable features to its customers. With this, opt-out facility, Amazon intends the customers to delete their voice recordings according to their wishes. You can remove these voice recordings periodically by taping on the settings available in the respective application. The three global platforms, Amazon, Apple, and Google, are approaching this issue differently but with a shared intention of providing transparent options.

These three companies will soon ladle over the same place for deleting voice recordings. Soon, shortly, there will be options for not storing your voice records by default. But will store them when you want it to happen.

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