Samsung to bring new laptops like those of Mac book pros

Just after the WWDC off the year 2019, Samsung has announced a few new laptops. They happen to name it as Notebook 7. But this also makes it so obvious that they have been inspired for this model by the current trending laptop of Apple. These laptops will have Windows 10, and they are planned to have 13 inch and 15-inch screens. This is something that is practically completely identical to the MacBook Pro.

Moreover, the laptop has the diamond cut edges, and there will be wide trackpad, and the slim bezels surround the screen. The small detailed features are also being focused like those of the fonts used in the keyboard as well as the default wallpaper of the set as well. The metal chassis that is lifted on the screen is also identical to the Mac set. Samsung is now completely taken into putting out the set that would be perfectly identical to the MacBook Pro, which is now on the trends. Amongst both the sizes of laptops, the best one if 13-inches one and that is even more identical to that of the MacBook Pro. The keyboard arrangement and the aligned trackpad in the center is something that would spell all about the major inspiration of the creator of the set.

One of the things that happen to be dissimilar in the Notebook 7when compared to that of the MacBook Pro is the features that it comes with. This happens to feature many of type of USB like those of 3.0 port, C-type ports, MicroSD slot. Thus, there is merely n necessity of connecting with the multiple accessories if you want to hook that up to the external monitor.

The price of the notebook seven will surely be less than that of the MacBook Pro, and thus, this is one of the pros of the set. On the 26th of July, the set is going to be released in the United States. This will be available in Amazon, and one can even avail that in the online store of Samsung.

This is a homage paid to the MacBook by the Samsung Company. The sets will be the one with all the good features in it. There is a buzz in the market about the product before its release. This also has a good customized graphics, and another appreciable feature in the model is the fingerprint sensor. This also supports the installation of the additional SSD, which is why this Notebook 7 has a large market. This will also make you avail speedy storage.

The 15-inch set of Samsung will be named as Notebook 7 Force, and the look of the set is a bit similar to that of the Notebook 7. The price of the set is quite high, but one of the con is the battery of the set which I of 43 Wh. The battery life is something that is a complete disappointment about the product. But both the sets will soon be released in the market.

Image Courtesy: Yahoo News

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