A cuddle to pet leads risking health

An eight-year-old girl from California was found to fall in the rash fatally and has severe pain in her joint. When the doctors looked into the matter closely, the little girl had a bite from her pet rats. She happened to cuddle her rats, and hence the rats gave a bit which caused her acquiring rash. The rash led to the fatal deterioration of her health. The little girl’s misery for her health is a bit difficult to narrate as the cause of accruing the disease stands out to be so innocent. The cuddle is what she must have avoided as that was the reason for her rash.

The girl’s name was Cali, and she is now recovering from the disease, which is called the “Rat-bite fever.”  She is admitted in the Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego, but the mother of the child claims that the little one was at the death door just before a week. If this issue is not treated on an immediate basis, then the rat bite can be the cause of the threat to life. The mortality rate can be as high like 13 percent, and if this is the case that takes place, then the first step to do is to rush the patient to the hospital to seek treatment as fast as possible as that would be of great help elevating the chances of recovery.

The girl had severe pain in her joints, but her health is now is quite a good condition as of now, and the reason behind that is she received to the treatment on an immediate basis. She is now walking and can move with ease as well. She can even move to make the use of her arms. She can eat and drink well. She can do it on her own. Her mother stated in the NBC news claiming the recovery of the kid. The story of the kid was really scary enough. But as of now, the kid is showing a huge improvement how far her health is concerned. The girls happened to be so badly hurt that even touching her was not at all possible.

She wants to go to her home, and she misses all her other animals back in her home. The lovely child fatally acquired the rash that harmed her health. This even has the risk of losing lives at times. Since Saturday, Cali showed the symptoms of severe rat bite he body was covered with the rashes all around, and the temperature of her body was merely reaching 104.6 degrees. Her joints were badly aching, and the body ache was also no less. The rats were playing with Cali when she happened to cuddle them. The girl had no bite from the rats, and this claims that this might have got into the body o the little child through the saliva of the rat. This might also be the urine of the rat, which might have come in contact with the skin of the little girl, which led her to carry the bacteria causing the rat bite fever.

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