Snapchat, YouTube, Gmail issues are now fixed in the eastern US

On Sunday, it was seen that a series of Google apps, which includes Gmail, YouTube, Snapchat had shown some type of issues related to the connection. This has occurred on the East Coast of the US. But later that day, the issues are now said to be fixed and all the apps are working fine with this.

It is seen that Google Cloud has been experiencing some type of widespread problems on Sunday and it has done some connection problem with YouTube, Gmail, Discord, Snapchat, and other various apps as well as services that are present across the US eastern coast.

In a statement by Google, it has said that the main reason behind this kind of problem is due to the high level of network congestion that is present across the eastern USA. Due to this congestion, it has affected some multiple services in G Suite, Google Cloud, as well as on YouTube.  The statement which was released by Google around 2 PM PT, it said in that the currently all the users may experience some slow performances or even intermittent errors.  The company added by saying that they are now believing and thinking that they have got the right thing about this problem.  They have identified the main cause of congestion, and all the technicians are working hard to make it right in a short time.

This was confirmed by Google Status page, and the company has said that the issues which exist with this kind of service on 1 PM PT. It said that the giant search engine Google has marked with Google’s Cloud Compute Engine and Cloud Networking services which have suffered some outages on the status dashboard.

At 4 PM PT, it is seen that the status page said that the issue of network congestion has now been resolved for the very vast majority of users and for this thing it is expected that this comes with some full resolution during the near future. Finally, at 5 PM PT, you can find that Google Cloud Status Dashboard shows all kinds of services available.

As per a spokesperson of Google who stated on Sunday that this network congestion issue currently exists in eastern USA which helps in affecting Google Cloud, YouTube, and G Suite. All the resolved have been affected the users who all are tried to use the service of 4 PM US/Pacific Time.

With all these things happened yesterday, Google Cloud is said to be the hosting platform for many other companies.  With this addition to give you power with the own services, another type of companies which includes Snapchat, as well as Uber, usually, rely on Google’s infrastructure to provide with the backend for all types of apps and other platforms as well. The news of down of Google services was quickly spread across the social media as many users started to post and Tweets about this issue on their Twitter account and show their frustrations about this issue which was present for a very long time.

Image Courtesy: GOAT

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