NASA sets 3 firm selections for the lunar deliveries

NASA has made the selection of three companies to make the delivery of the payloads of the science and technology to the surface of the moon on the landers with the robot system on the coming years. The space agency announced on Friday that this is going to work with Pittsburgh firm Astrobotic, New Jersey firm Orbit B, Houston-based intuitive Machines to make the delivery of the Payloads services of NASA commercially.  The deals form one of the integral parts of the Artemis program, which had the sole aim to perform new scientific discoveries.

The Artemis program aimed at focusing on the new findings and making the demonstration of the technologies which are new so that they can be supported and enhanced to the fullest. This helps in the establishment of a successful sustainable presence of mankind. They are aiming at the establishment of the sustainable presence of mankind on the moon by the year 2028.  A host of the scientific experiments are scheduled to be done by the robotic landers over the forthcoming years. NASA tweeted that they are an honor to have selected the companies which can help them lead the program perfectly. This tweet was made on Friday.

By the year 2020, Orbit beyond has given the proposal of lying four payloads to the lava plain in the crater of the moon named as the Mare Imbrium. NASA announced this statement on tweeter. NASA has also announced that the payloads will be flown to one of the larger craters nearby the moon named as Lacus Mortis. This is a part of the effort that would be made for the sole purpose of following the Artemis report. The US wants to make the landing of the next man or maybe the first women in the year 2024. The astronauts would be the first in the world who would be stepping on the south pole of the moon.

Amongst all the Americans, there are only twelve men who have walked on the moon. The landing of the Apollo 11 on the surface of the moon will have its 50th anniversary of 30th of July of the year 2019. But still, the missions to the moon and new finding of the lunar environment is something that has kept fascinating man science years.

One off the checklist traveling to the surface of the moon with Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin was sold to someone in the recent auction which happened in New York. In the very same auction, the tinny rocks from the moon were sold at quite a high price. This was brought back by Soviet Luna- 16. Voyages to the moon are always made with a lot of expectations as the main aim that is set these days is to claim the presence of the mankind sustainably in the lunar surface. For that, it is quite necessary that man knew everything about the moon.  This would ensure that it is safe to land on the Moon for people. This is why payload service is so important for NASA.

Image Courtesy: Fox News

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