Cosmonaut complete their tasks outside the space station

Two cosmonauts from Russia stepped out of the International space station on Wednesday. They sent their greeting on the birthday of the former cosmonaut Alexey Leonov. He was the first man to walk in the space, and then they happened to continue all the works of the maintenance. Expedition 59 commanders named Oleg Kononenko made his fifth walk on the space and one of the crewmates made the first spec walk names Alexey Ovchinin. The opened the hatch of the Pirs airlock compartment at 11:42 a.m. and they happened to kick off what then happened to be the expedition for six hours and a minute.

A few minutes after the floating session outside the station continued the cosmonaut halted to send the birthday greetings to Leonov who would turn 85 on this birthday. This is the fourth spacewalk that is done, and this is the first spacewalk that is done by any Russian. According to the man who stepped out, he found himself to b unlimitedly in the outer space. Both of them happened to shout in the space saying happy birthday Leonov No.1. One of the major space research triumphs was dedicated to Leonov in Russia, which includes the first spacewalks of history.

Leonov happened to spend 12 precious minutes of his life floating in the space. His suit so filled with air that he was not even able to get into the hatch. After getting the valve opened up so that pressure can be bleed off and then he was able to get in through the hatch. Later on, after three months, a cosmonaut named Ed White became the first American to spacewalk.

Now another iconic person of the international space research community, Leonov happened to try his luck and fly in the space for the second time in the year 1975. According to the statement of Kononenko, this just eventually happened that they walked the space before the birthday of Alexey Leonov who was the first man ever to walk in the space with the help of the spacesuit and have a venture out of the spacecraft. This is quite risky, but they had the guts to perform that and eventually explore things which are beyond words. The vastness of the space, all that struck the mind in that particular moment as per the statement of Kononenko.

Both of the spacewalkers steeped in the space and request Mr. Leonov to accept their hearty wishes. They again added that he is with them in their minds in the entire duration in which they are walking the space. They also said that they hope that he would keep up on good health and get the world inspired every day. After wishing his for all the accomplishments of the goals, they shouted, “Happy birthday.” The whole work was something that went smoothly and then they happened to return to the Pirs airlock compartment after a few minutes of the whole schedule. This was probably the 217th spacewalk.

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