All you would ever require to know about the typhoid fever

According to the LAPD, there is one officer who has positive results for the test of Salmonella Typhi. This is one of the bacteria that happens to cause typhoid fever. The officer is a detective who was assigned to the Central Division, which is located on the Skid Row as being stated by the department. The delicate condition of the detective is a concern for the people all over the world right now, but there have been no comments made by the LAPD for such misshapen. But Robert Harris, who is the Vice President of the Los Angeles Police Protective League, said that the treatment did not include a stay in the hospital overnight.

Two other detectives from the very same division have been showing the consistent symptoms with the same bacteria. But the bacteria have not yet been diagnosed as per the spokesperson off LAPD. The fear of the typhoid fever comes less than a month after three officers and a lieutenant contracted a treatment-resistant bacteria. There is less awareness amongst the people about this, which must not be the case. People must have all the information about the disorder so that they can take the right action if they are diagnosed with any of such bacteria.

The typhus and the typhoid are surely not the same things. They differ a lot. Different bacteria cause both of them, and the mode of transmission is also different when both are compared with each other. The Bactria names Salmonella Typhi is the one that is responsible for the typhoid fever that comes to the way. The mode of the transmission of these diseases is with the help of the food and water which are contaminated. This can also be transmitted by having close contact with the people who are infected with the same.

According to the centers of disease control and prevention of USA, the cases of the people infected with the bacteria are about 22 million every year in the world, and such cases are around 350 very years in the USA. According to them, the people acquire that infection during the travel mostly to the India subcontinents. In the year 2018, there were 14 cases of the people infected with the bacteria as per the reports in Los Angeles. The County Department of Public health produced this report.

The symptoms are many. Some of them are high fever, pain in the abdominal area. Diarrhea can also be one of the symptoms that are observed in such a case. In this case, you will have to see a doctor without neglecting. They can get you treated it antibiotics. Some other symptoms are headache and constipation. As of now, the LAPD and the county department is unable to find the source from here thee detective happened to acquire the bacteria. Prevention of the typhus is a must that people must know so that the workplace can be safe enough from acquiring various infections. Cleanliness can also be one of the ways with which the infection can be avoided.

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