Samsung will record absenteeism with some features in Galaxy Note 10

The Galaxy Note 10 is likely to be launched without any extravagant headphone jack or physical keys for functions like volume and power. The daily outlets have taken the list that the Note 10 will have no 3.5 mm connector and exterior buttons like power, pressure-sensitive areas or capacitive shall replace volume and Bixby. It is quite a regretful broadcast for Samsung lovers who have laid their back on cushions to enjoy the Galaxy Note 10.

The standing root that will bother the ardent fans of Samsung is because of its constant insertion of changes in its smartphones. The general philosophy and industrial design that has been served on the customer’s plate since years is felt to be ceased with the future launch of Note 10. The early adopters of the new technology feel it now a waste of time that they had spent in adoring the new Note 10.  If you are removing the skull from your brain, you are almost dead technically. In the same way, if you are removing the headphone jack, it would certainly result in excoriation for some fans. The longest reason for lovers of Samsung to stick to the company like glue was because of a 3.5mm jack. But, this time like other smartphones, which include OnePlus, Google, Apple, and Huawei, Samsung has decided to remove its headphone jack.

But, Samsung is great to combat to other Android phones and argues that if the jack gets ceased, it will allow good volume for more battery capacity. Along with it, it will direct reducing the complexity in designing and increase its resistance from dust and liquids. The physical buttons are also likely to be eliminated. Elimination will also include its cutouts, which will enable Samsung to build thinner phone design and lighter structure without rigidity or compromise in the phone’s physical configuration. Expectations are revolving that Samsung would announce the launch this August. The area taken by the headphone port would not allow Samsung’s S Pen to accommodate in the smartphone. A lot of opinions have been recorded since the news has taken a blast. The company might announce a free pair of Galaxy buds along with the Galaxy Note 10. Samsung is going to produce in the market two different sizes of Galaxy Note 10. The company is expected to sell its stock by bidding people that the absence of jack will lead the device lighter and thinner. The Korean media has already started its marketing schedules for about eight months ago.

Do not get flattered by the rumors that are flying in the open air without punctuation. Wait for the real model to spec your eyes with dazzlement. It is possible in a random calculation that this piece of information is just a prototype to make a decline in the product selling. The decision is yet to be confirmed by the company itself. You can relax your breath by holding from one side of the nose and watch it out in August. Samsung has been a foundation stone for the service it provides. The quality of features it always certifies is yet to match with any other smartphone.

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