Insiders are breaking the ice to gallop Google Pixel 4

Google Pixel 4 is the new excitement beaded by an insider. You can bet on insiders as the rumors are still on high-flow for Samsung Galaxy Note 10. In the meantime, when you can buy the far best smartphone at $500, Pixel 4 is the actual Mona Lisa every eye wants to gaze on.

Steve Hemmerstoffer, who now runs the SlashLeaks has made a revelation about the new design that is rendered in the brand new Pixel 4. In the exercise of greater technology, Google is on the edge of introducing the features of iPhone XS and S10+ in Pixel 4. Through Skinomi case, SlashLeaks has managed to get the pictures of the Google Pixel 4. It has already with lots of guts started to take early orders from customers. But in a real sense, Skinomi is exactly selling a screen protector at this particular stage. This means you cannot see what the phone has its back. The main point to be interested in is its camera. Google has always mentioned about grid the smartphones with double or triple pixels in the phone’s camera. The mystery is yet to be solved. Google incidentally has already announced its launch in March. A large part of its features is yet to be brought in the limelight. In contrast with Google’s last released smartphone, it is just one year after that; the company is ready to release another smartphone.

To state the exact condition, Google lovers are only exerting all their wishes in a cart. Some believe that Pixel 4 and Pixel 4XL will come with more Random access Memory (RAM). The RAM will slightly get better than the other released smartphones. Except for the quality of the camera, there are more important features that Google needs to level its standard.  Fans are feeling like they have solved one set of the puzzle of the entire jigsaw and with time will solve the phone’s specialty entirely. Google has shifted on to the hole-punch display design that is more visible in the year 2019. Google’s Pixel was asserted to be one of the copied mirror reflections of iPhone 6. The entire interior design was made by HTC that is why Pixel phones did not create any much difference. But with Pixel 4, expectations are to top the iPhone and go beyond it. It has been developed and built by graphics designer Jonas Daehnert. He is an exclusive designer and runs a page on Twitter that is hugely followed by the technology lovers known as @PhoneDesigner.

Critics believe that the color of the model would be lifted higher, and then the entire configuration can be upgraded. It is still like any other dream to fulfill, but the Google lovers are eagerly waiting for a changing climate. Google has been the father of all innovations. Though several efforts, smartphones have not reached that glory, with steady leaps, it will mark the success like its other functional applications.

Pixel 4 is now a rumor, and the day it gets launched will be a day for a celebration of the team.

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