The rate of Diabetes is overruled by Obesity

Diabetes is overruled by Obesity


According to the federal data released on Tuesday, the number of new diabetes diagnosed, the scale made a fall to 1.3 million in 2017. The rate is moderately decreasing as in 2009; 1.3 million had diabetes.

The announcement is not a matter for the health experts to rejoice. At one point, when the diabetes rate is falling, the rate of obesity in the population is increasing by leaps and bounds. Dr.Stephen Benoit stated that they are not getting the bottom line of the rampant increase in obesity. The fatal reason for the girth in this trend is yet to be discovered. The greater possibilities that the Center for Disease Control and Prevention would take will be in the interest to improve the health before the rest become diabetic.

According to Dr. Stephen, diabetes is a slow poison in the form of the disease, which allows sugars to coagulate in the blood. As the diabetes rate increases, obesity also increases. The most common form of diabetes is attached to obesity. Some experts are still in search of the answer and reason why the annual diabetes diagnoses from 2000 to 2010 are going down. The threshold to measure diabetes was lowered in the early 1990s, which caused several people to be counted as diabetics. But in the short term, the impact could not be counted.

Some medical experts are immunizing the pre-stage of diabetes and naming it as ‘prediabetes.’ What they do is put these patients under daily exercise routine and urge them to change their diet. Doctors say that once you hit diabetes, this procedure cannot be implemented. But if you have high blood sugar levels, which is high but not enough to hit diabetes, then you can make use of the routines and diet. As Dr. Tannaz Moin, a UCLA expert says, prediabetes is turning into a more accepted diagnosis and helping the number of patients to improve their health condition before turning into a diabetic person.

In the meantime, doctors have carved out a new method to test blood to diagnose diabetes. A new test has been recommended by the American Diabetes Association known by hemoglobin A1C blood test. This method is easier to perform, but on the rarer end, most of the diabetics affected people might lag out of the test due to its later invention. In recent years, a survey is being carried out to determine the rate of diabetic people competing with non-diabetic ones. According to the report sanctioned by the national survey, 1000 U.S. adults in 2017 have climbed down the ladder from 9.2 to six per person in 2009. That is exactly a 35 percent drop. The longest decline that is evaluated under the national survey is nearly after 40 years.

In the decline rate, the number of obese people is increasing at an alarming rate. Experts have started to scratch their heads to find a solution for preventing further obesity. Doctors feel it delusional to evaluate a way to treat and prevent the growth of obesity in the citizens of the United States.


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